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The Internet and Advertising

Small business in Australia is very common and highly competitive. Growth in the marketplace is a must to keep a business running. To survive, businesses must promote themselves in as many ways as possible. It is vitally important to seek effective marketing and advertising techniques.
With many hours spent in front of a computer, many people turn to the internet to research their shopping and service requirements. The internet is an invaluable resource to many Australians, having an abundant amount of information at their fingertips. Common methods of advertising are becoming less productive as the internet becomes the most important advertising catalogue.
Displaying your business and what you have to offer to the world is convenient and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Shopping Habits

Be it for products or services, people's shopping habits are changing with an increased expectation of shop-at-home services. This may not be to actually buy over the Internet, (as people are still wary of doing so) but to research and compare their options. Once the shopper has decided on a product or service, all of the contact details are at their fingertips to arrange the purchase or service. The advantage of this for a business is saved time and resources in making sales, as people already know what they want to purchase and simply wish to finalise their purchase. 

About This Site

This site is a basis for small businesses that wish to have a website on the Internet in a low cost capacity. A business does not even need to have access to the Internet or eMail access. The sites are set up in a way to complement your business and be an added extension to what your business has to offer. Little or No work is done by the business itself to create or maintain the website. No staff member is required to learn how to use the Internet or build webpages. It is all done for you - all you have to do is provide the material to be placed on the site, if you have any.

The Packages

Both packages include :-
    - basic site set-up
    - ongoing maintenance
    - webpage construction and editing
    - eMail Address redirection

Basic Website
Full Website


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